Take advantage of Excel Power Pivot and enable write-back to your data warehouse

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Powerful Goal Seeking

With Power Planner, you can take advantage of the Goal Seeking Feature. In this example we want seek a new amount for the number of units sold in order to read our targeted Gross Profit:

Set the Number of Units as the Target for the Goal Seeking:

Go to the P&L and adjust your Gross Profit to $13MM.


Your number of units have now been adjusted to meet the new Gross Profit Target!


You are now empowered to budget and forecast.


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Power Planner is Easy

Enable any Pivot Table as your Budgeting Solution

Excel Pivot Tables are still by far the preferred analytics tool for corporate America. A lot of companies have invested heavily in SQL and Pivot Tables.

Make it a Budget System:

With Power Pivot you can make your Pivot Solution into a budgeting solution with the click of a button: Here is how to get started:

  • Install Power Planner
  • Log on to the Pivot Table
  • Click Enable Editing.

Voila – you can now use your Excel Pivot Tables as a Budgeting System from inside Excel for everybody in your organization.

We provide pre-built solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP/AX/NAV, MAS 500, Salesforce Data.

Lear more at http://www.power-planner.com or email info@power-planner.com