Take advantage of Excel Power Pivot and enable write-back to your data warehouse

Automate refresh and uploading files to OneDrive and SharePoint and Power BI

Free Trial Excel is a great tool for sharing data with coworkers. However, keeping these spreadsheets up to date is tedious and cumbersome, especially if the are connected to Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL or any type of external data source.

Now, Power Update is your Excel Butler, that works rentlessly of keeping these spreadsheets up to date no matter where they are stored. Power Update downloads the workbook, refreshes all data connections and re-uploads them to:

* OneDrive (private or business)
* SharePoint On-Premise
* Office 365
* Google Drive
* Power BI

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Power Update Completes the Power BI Stack

Hi All,
If you are excited about Power Pivot and the announcements Microsoft made last week about Power BI, the introduction of Power Update will make your job even easier and enable updates of Power Pivot models no matter where you publish them. Read more about Rob Collie’s review of Power Update…